GDB d.o.o. is a leading regional provider of control centers, allowing the electric power transmission and distribution companies efficient and reliable network operation. This is assured by offering the following solutions and services:

  • Implementation of Distribution Control Centers in full SCADA/DMS functionality,
  • Implementation of Transmission Network Control Centers in full SCADA/EMS functionality,
  • Implementation of Quality System Control Centers for electrical power generation in complete SCADA/GMS functionality,
  • Training and educating our customer’s technical staff,
  • Maintenance of the systems set-up based on the 24/7 system.

All of the above is achieved by implementation of GDB’s own products, as well as with a combination of products from other world leading control center solutions vendors.

Within this segment, GDB d.o.o has successfully implementedthe Distribution Control Center sat Elektro Maribor and Elektro Gorenjska (both are Slovenian distribution system operators). These are also the only two distribution centers within Slovenian power sector that successfully passed the technical inspection and were given a positive review by an independent professional institution (Elektroinštitut Milam Vidmar).


WEB.CIM is GDB d.o.o.’s own Common Information Model (CIM) based Integration Platform for electric utilities, enhancing electric energy distribution efficiency, communication and control.

WEB.CIM Integration Platform is designed in accordance to CIM (Common Information Model) standard and is built according to IEC TC57 reference architecture. Because its data model is based entirely on the CIM standard, WEB.CIM Integrated Platform can fully support any business and technical model, while providing real time information exchange between different IT systems used in electric utilities and Smart Grids in general.

WEB.CIM Integration Platform supports integration of any IT system used in electric utilities and Smart Grids in general. It can transform electric utility’s IT solutions from many isolated vertical systems into a Smart Grid ready horizontal interconnected open and standardized IT system, which is ready to collaborate and exchange real time information with applications from any vendor. For example, the following systems can be integrated:

  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) – GDB’s own or 3rd party
  • DMS (Distribution Management System)
  • OMS (Outage Management System) – GDB’s own or 3rd party
  • AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure – Smart Metering) – GDB’s own or 3rd party
  • GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Asset Management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)…

All user interacting modules are web based which allows ease of access, use and scalability.


GDB d.o.o. offers a complete open architecture based AMI / MDM solution. The solution integrates and enables communication with metersfrom various vendors, which allows the user to be independent from an individual meter manufacturer.

GDB AMI / MDM solution provides the following functionalities:

  • Peak control,
  • Dynamic tariffing,
  • Remote control of consumers,
  • Agreed reduced consumption (Demand Response),
  • Restriction – consumption reduction,
  • Remote shut-off of individual low voltage consumers,
  • Distributed energy resources control,
  • Real-time control of total electrical energy distribution system,
  • Quality monitoring,
  • Data analysis,
  • Consumer support.

GDBAMI / MDM system can be easily integrated into WEB.CIM Integration Platform, resulting in a unified system that enablean operator efficient management of the overall distribution network, from high to low voltage. This enables the operatora control to the last consumer in the network.


GDB d.o.o., together with its partners, offers the best possible and up to datesolutions in the field of protection and control systems. This approach to control and protectionenablespower distribution utilities a leap forward in terms of reliability, quality, efficiency and economy of their operations. GDB d.o.o. provides a turn-key station control solution that includes the following:

  • All hardware and software necessary for distribution transformer stations and transformer station protection and control
  • All communication equipment necessary for connecting centers under remote control with control centers
  • Integration of protection devices to control devices
  • Local automation and signaling
  • Bulk sale of protection relays
  • Training and education of customer’s technical staff;
  • 24/7 maintenance and support

GDB d.o.o. is a Solution Provider for multiple global vendors; for General Electric (GE) Digital Energy and Woodward among others. GDB d.o.o. also cooperates with a number of other global vendors from the field of electrical energy and is ABB MicroSCADA certified.


GDB d.o.o. offers its own software solutions, which are planned and developed in accordance with the electrical energy system requirements. Software solutions are adjusted to the specific requirements of individual client in order to achieve optimal system performance and client satisfaction. A great emphasis is placed on minimizing the system maintenance which results in saving human resources and lowering costs.

Solutions encompasses the universal data concentrator which supports different protocols, such as IEC 101, 103, 104, DNP and others that comply with the IEC or IEEE standards and other business solutions tailored to the needs of distributors of electrical energy.

The business solutions consist of software for Outage Management and Quality Monitoring System, modules for integration of the AMI system with SCADA/DMS systems and the new CIM integration platform encompassing all the previously mentioned protocols.


GDB d.o.o. is Solution Provider for the multi-national company General Electric Digital Energy, official Woodward sales representative and partner of global IT provider Huawei.

Company is specialized for sale of protection devices for electrical energy systems, servers, network equipment, computer clusters, cloud systems and virtualization.


  • Protection Relays
  • Genset Controllers
  • Switchgear Controllers
  • Load Share Controllers
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers
  • Sychronizers
  • Transducers
  • Servers
  • Huawei switches
  • Huawei routers
  • Huawei Computer clusters
  • Huawei Cloud Data Centers
  • Hardware and software for virtualization (Huawei Fusion Cube, Fusion Sphere
  • Huawei Storage
  • Huawei WDM Systems
  • Huawei IP Phones
  • other devices from aforementioned manufacturers

GDB d.o.o., in cooperation with its partners, offers consultancy on purchasing new devices, implementation, commissioning and repair.


GDB d.o.o.’s own development of technical and business solutions in collaboration with local and foreign partners assures a high level of professional competence in the field of protection, control and management of power distribution networks. With this knowledge GDB d.o.o. offer you best technical and business consulting on planning, development, implementation and commissioning.

Besides consulting GDB d.o.o. also offer technical training.



    JULY 2007

    GDB, Inženiring v energetiki, d.o.o., was founded by a group of professionals, from the field of development, project planning, engineering and marketing of remote control and protection in the field of electrical energy, on July 2007.



    The company is building its future based on many years of international experience, constant technical development and knowledge about modern technologies possessed by their employed professionals, who had in the past already been engaged in various secondary energy system projects at home, as well as abroad.



    GDB d.o.o. is a global provider of IT products, consulting and other technical solutions for electric power transmission and distribution companies. The company employs experts from the field of power engineering, telecommunications and IT, with both high-level management and technical experience.



    Company’s main business are Control centers, CIM Integration platforms, Smart Grids, Protection and control, Software development, Consultancy and training.



    With its own development of technical solutions on the field of control and management of electric power systems GDB d.o.o. sets high standards. It provides advanced technical and business solutions to customers.



    GDB, Inženering v energetiki, d.o.o.
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